Guidelines about Translating Software Strings

This section addresses guidelines to be used when translating software strings for Microsoft Windows software. Since field length is limited, every effort should be made to keep the translation concise.

Types of Software Strings
Since software strings can be difficult to translate as they do not appear in context. For example, "Select All" can be translated as a menu item,"모두 선택" or as a command, "모두 선택하십시오".

Here is an easy way to determine if strings are menu items, commands, or other.

Menu Names: As a general rule, they are made up of two or three words each starting with an upper case letter. They may also have associated hot keys.

Status Bar Messages: As a general rule, they are made up of a sentence with no subject and use the third person singular.
For example, the status message for the menu item "&New" is "Creates a new blank image". Status bar messages do not normally end with a period.

Options: As a general rule, they contain more words than menu or command names. They also contain a hot key with the ampersand (&).

Error Messages:
As a general rule, they explain why user actions could not be completed.

Hot Keys

A hot key is a keyboard shortcut key. In Windows, it is customary to have the character underlined. Proceed as follows for Korean:

&Open ...--->열기(&O) ... should look like 열기(O) ...

When you do this, change the character to uppercase even if it was lowercase in English. For example: O&pen As ...--->열기(&P) ...

If the command has a short cut key (ex: Ctrl +C), put the short cut key after the hot key. For example: &Save ... Ctrl +S --->저장(&S) ... Ctrl +S


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